Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baby Girl Loves Worms

  I got home early today and had enough time to put some plants in the ground. It kept trying to rain on me but, thankfully, God held off long enough for me to get the tomatoes and marigolds in the ground.
The ground was wet enough already to make it easier to dig up. My Baby Girl helped me by starting the holes with the hand tiller. She was exclaiming over the worms she was finding and naming them! Goofy kid! I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised, though. This is the same kid I came home to find playing with maggots on the doorstep that she had found under the outdoor trash can.
  Now all I have to get in the ground is the snap peas.
  On the weaving/spinning side, I finished spinning the Merino wool top and am going to start spinning the BFL/silk top in the Sweet Pea colorway next.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

My First Garden

  I actually have never grown a vegetable/ food garden before, something my mom pointed out to me last week. I have had a flower garden, which did well if only because God helped me water it.
  When my husband asked what I wanted for Mother's Day, I told him I wanted plants. So we went to Whataburger for dinner (I'm a cheap date!), and then to Lowe's.  I got twelve Homestead tomato plants, twelve Crimson Spineless okra, an Orange Lunchbox sweet pepper, a red sweet pepper, two burpless cucumbers, and twelve Sugar Snap peas.  I also got some marigolds to help keep bad bugs away from my vegetables, a Thai basil, German thyme, and Greek oregano plants.
  Then comes the next problem. I don't have a tiller, and I have really healthy grass where I want to put my garden. I started digging up the grass with a shovel, and quickly decided that was for the birds! I got a one foot by thirteen foot section dug up in two hours. Then I thought, "Hey, my parents have a tiller, don't they?" Unfortunately, my parent's tiller didn't work when they brought it down.
  So I got a hand tiller. Still a lot of work, but not quite as much. I finally put half of my plants in the ground on Memorial Day with about four hours of work. Then God watered them REALLY well.
  Now my hands hurt.
  And I have a flower on one of my cucumber plants.
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