Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I'd get from Etsy if I had the money (and no husband)

  ZoMG, I LOOOOOOOVE the colors this woman uses!  They are absolutely gorgeous!
   Her name is Elisabeth Maurland, and I'd like to support her like the artistic patrons used to in Medieval times.  If it weren't for having to feed children, and pay bills....

Platter with Crane

It started so well, and it all turned out okay. Eventually.

  So, ALL that warp fell onto the floor behind my loom and I had to get it back on.  I pulled all of it back through the reed towards the front, and then wound it back onto the back beam. This is what it looked like:
I used a ruler to try to keep the former tension.

That's how much I had already woven.

  And that's the lovely tension I had to fix. I had to untie and retie it on the front beam several times.

  Aren't they pretty?  I called them the Providential Color Cotton towels. I love the texture of them, too. My fingers like the up-and-downness of it.
  So, that's done. Next is a pair of corduroy-striped cotton throw pillows.