Saturday, January 21, 2012

Also, this---

Because who doesn't like to look at this Viking god of a man?
  Husband:"You know that picture is airbrushed.""You know he's probably a jerk."
  Me:"I just like to look at him! I DON'T CARE!!"
  Cue wolf whistle.

Pictures of life

  I have pictures for you!
This is where my loom now rests in our new apartment, in front of a south-facing window, next to the door to-
-our little second floor balcony. I was in heaven one Saturday a couple months ago: the kids were elsewhere, the husband was sleeping after the night shift, it was sunny, the windows were open, and I listened to the music on my iTunes as I wove. It doesn't get much better. Unless there had been Starbucks.
This is some Viking Twill towels in linen that I am working on. I love the pattern. I got it, like many others, from Handwoven magazine.
  I have found an awesome website called Goodreads. I love that I can catalog my books, write reviews, find new books to read, see what my favorite authors are doing, and enter giveaways (which I have already won one). I have been spending A LOT of time on there.
  Anyway, it is past 1 AM so I had better go to bed. Night, everybody!