Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Behind in My Reporting

   So, the taquete rugs was a couple of projects ago.  Let me catch you up.
   I finished the rugs on March 3. As I previously said, they didn't come out the way they were meant to, so I probably shouldn't continue to call them taquete. Blogging isn't the only thing I am behind on, as I haven't gotten these in my etsy shop yet either.  Soon.

   I have been doing more baking lately, especially bread, and I don't really have an apron.  I was washing dishes, and hunting for a kitchen towel to dry my hands, and I thought "I should combine a towel and an apron!" The kids, as usual, had made off with the towel.  I don't know what they do with these things.
   I already had a band at work on the inkle loom with no pre-set purpose, just making a pretty pattern in red and yellow linen.  I warped the rigid heddle loom as wide as it gets with some red, natural, black, and yellow linen in wide stripes for the main part of the apron. It only took 21 days for me to finish the band, the apron panel, hem and sew them together. Eldest Daughter liked it so well she now wants me to make one for her, but in colors she can see (she is red-yellow colorblind).

   Eldest Daughter's apron will also be linen, in teal, black, natural and lime-y green. I wove the band in nine hours, the simple pattern making it easy to get done quickly. Her apron panel will be wider and denser, which means it needs to be on the floor loom. I have the short warp measured, I'm just waiting on a couple of straight hours for me to put it on the loom.
  Those are my weaving plans, currently. I have other plans, non-weave-y, which I will share soon.