Friday, August 12, 2011

Too cute not to share

Warning: This blog has nothing to do with weaving. If you don't like that, tough noogies. This is my blog and I'll put on it what I want.
   I was getting ready for work this past week, brushing my waist-length hair in the bathroom, when I noticed Baby Girl was actually up before noon. (Bedtimes pretty much go bye-bye during the summer at my house.) She asked if she could braid my hair for me. She had to stand on the toilet so she could reach! It was really cute, and she did a pretty good job too.
   Baby Girl is my youngest, my 10-year-old, the child I was pregnant with when my world fell apart and I found out what betrayal feels like. My last baby. She will probably be the last to leave the nest, and that day can take forever coming.
   If she wants to send me to work with 20 pony tails in my hair, I will probably let her.  Before I know it she will be too old, in her mind, to play with Momma's hair.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I have a new toy!

  The Husband and I were at Goodwill last Sunday, looking for a computer desk for him.  I was looking at some exercise pants and he wanders off.  When he comes back, he says he found something I would love.  He was right.

  So far as I can tell, this Singer was made in Italy, some time after 1934.  This sucker is all metal, comes in its own cabinet, and WORKS.  I had to buy a pin to hold to the thread spool since it is missing, but is otherwise in excellent shape. I can't wait to use it!
   Ga-head, ask me how much. Ga-head.
  Goodwill is an awesome place.