Monday, December 29, 2014

Catching Up

   Hi, how are you? Yeah, haven't seen you in a while! I haven't been around much, ya know, so...
I finished the cotton/linen towels, but I made several mistakes on them, so I tied a new warp onto the old one to make more.  I changed the colors a bit, wove a couple of inches, and then had to put the loom up so we could make room for the Christmas tree.  I will probably use the towels myself. I can't sell something so flawed.  Jo Buyer probably wouldn't be able to tell that it didn't look like it should, but I would know.

   We had our local Christmas parade, and all three of my girls were in it.  That shorty holding the Alabama state flag?  That's Middle Daughter.  Yeah, I couldn't get a shot of her face, and no, she couldn't see.  That's why they are so close together, so they people holding the flags don't go haring off.
   The girl in front with the Santa hat is Eldest Daughter, leading the seniors of her NJROTC flight.  Both oldest daughters are in JROTC at their school, and have been since they were freshman.  The have leadership positions and I love what they are learning from it.
   Baby girl is NOT the one with the cheesy grin, but the one behind her.  They were on the Search and Rescue boat.

   On the homestead front, we got new gates since the other ones were bent.  They were my husband's Christmas present.  We are still working on getting something to live on on our land. We have three choices that we are considering: building a cabin (third choice), a mobile home (which I greatly dislike), or getting a cabin that is manufactured somewhere North of here in our state.  We are looking at this one, especially. Or this one.
   I should probably get going, I have to do some cleaning up. It was nice seeing you! I am going to try coming back here more often.