Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Love My Rigid Heddle Loom

   I finished the scarf for my co-worker. It's a little thicker than  scarf really should be, but J liked it.

   With that done, I warped the rigid heddle loom again with variegated purple/pink/brown/cream wool of a thick weight. No need to put stripes in it since it does that naturally. Yay, less work for me!

After only two or two and a half weeks, I finished that one too.
    Aren't those some lovely stripes?  I had a bit of a hard time getting the camera to get this color right, so I had to take it out onto our wet balcony.
   Don't get me started on the rain lately. I can't kayak!
   Moving on.
   I'm still working on the Pennsylvania Dutch Twill shawls but I ran out of the grey merino wool I was using as weft.  I am having to hand-spin the wool.  Unfortunately, my spinning wheel is having a recurrence of a child-related injury (Thanks, Neighbor's Brat!) and I am letting the wood glue set.
   It's a good thing tomorrow is Monday. My spinning wheel will have another three days until I will probably try to use it.  I think I will work on figuring out another project for the rigid heddle, perhaps something with a thinner yarn.  Maybe a table runner?
  PS: My thumb is all healed up now, thanks for thinking of me.  There's not even much of a scar, but the skin there is weirdly sensitive.  It is lower skin that was exposed because the skin layers I cut through died and peeled off. Everything feels prickly.